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David Schirmer Responds To TVNZ

Saturday, November 17, 2007

David Schirmer gives his side of the story regarding the Nov 13th TVNZ broadcast on his personal blog.

The Secret with David Schirmer: David Schirmer on ACA and Close Up ... again

Who knows where the truth lies here... somewhere in the middle most likely... it's definitely a little WEIRD the way things dont add up on either side yet though!

I think David should give up the TV interview gigs though... geez he does not look good when he is flustered and runs off and makes promises he has no intention of fulfulling to get out of there. :p

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The Secret's David Schirmer - Part 4

This is the latest chapter in The Secret's David Schirmer "con man" story.
(see background stories here)

After making some unfulfilled promises to Australian investigative reporter Ben Fordham on Channel Nine, Schirmer was planning an assault on New Zealand when he was also challenged about these broken promises by TVNZ's Robyn Janes.

David Schirmer also claimed he was donating profits to the Australian charity, Scope, but the charity allegedly knows nothing about it.

David Schirmer says these investigations on national television are good for his business, so Channel Nine's ACA say they are happy to keep them coming. (this saga is getting past weird now)

View the TVNZ Close Up video broadcast on 13th November 2007.

David Schirmer -v- TVNZ New Zealand

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Beer Bottle Symphony Orchestra

Friday, November 16, 2007

The Melbourne Symphony orchestra, conducted by Cezary Skubiszewski, play the Victoria Bitter beer commercial theme song on bottles of VB.

The VB Beer Symphony Orchestra

The Making of Beer Symphony

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