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Weird On This Day

The Facts are Stranger than Fiction

Monday, August 11, 2008

South Korean scientists say they have created five cloned puppies from a Californian woman's pet pit bull terrier named Booger.

For the first time ever a pet dog has been cloned, for a $50,000 fee.

That's strange and unusual in itself, but that's just the start of a story that involves;
  • A former Miss Wyoming and a bizarre sex scandal
  • Incarceration (in fur handcuffs) and rape of a male Mormon missionary
  • Avoiding justice, stalking and threats
  • Escaping the country with false passports posing as deaf/mute mime artists
  • and more...

This Weeks Puppy Cloning Story

A cloned dog, a Mormon in mink-lined handcuffs and a tantalising mystery

Joyce McKinneyAt first it seemed a straightforward example of the oddball stories which emerge during the long, slow, news days of high summer.

A 'Californian woman' had paid £25,000 to a South Korean laboratory to have her dead pitbull terrier cloned, in the first transaction of its kind.

'Bernann McKinney' had saved tissue from the ear of her beloved 'Booger', which was frozen after the dog died, and then used as DNA source material to produce five pitbull pups.

So far, so silly season. (But as the eccentric Miss McKinney beamed joyfully from the world's television screens on Tuesday, vague bells began to ring.)

The face was familiar, albeit older and heavier. The surname was the same.

So was the alleged American, ex-beauty queen background and the unusual devotion to pitbull dogs.

Surely it wasn't? Could the new owner of the world's first commercially cloned pups be the same woman who had gone on the run from British justice 30 years ago, having been the star of one of the most bizarre, entertaining and downright saucy court cases in living memory?

In 1978, Joyce McKinney jumped bail and disappeared after being charged with kidnapping a 17-stone male Mormon missionary, whom she had chained to a Devon cottage bed with mink handcuffs and forced to have sex.

At the time, she famously said of her victim: 'I loved him so much that I would ski naked down Mount Everest with a carnation up my nose if he asked me to.'

Were these two blonde, American, dog-loving and, yes, quite possibly barking mad, Miss McKinneys one and the same person?

Read the rest of this bizarre tale on the UK Daily Mail website

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“The Facts are Stranger than Fiction”

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